Dogs are most commonly used to help kids with ASD through therapy. These include grooming and petting the dog, along with playing with them.

As mentioned by Risė VanFleet, dogs can "be involved in a variety of ways. I mostly do play therapy, which means that I use a playful atmosphere and some play-based interventions to help create a sense of safety for the clients with whom I work." This therapy can help children overcome fear, control their impulses, and communicate to others (Iffert). According to Marilyn Wolf, a behavior analyst, "If the family wants to get a pet, the parent must be willing to take on the additional responsibility of caring for it. The kids may not be responsible enough to care for the dog appropriately." Additionally, "Parents should consider their children’s sensitivities carefully when choosing a pet to ensure a good match" (Autism and Pets) It is not advised to use dogs as a use of therapy if the child has impulse issues along with violent tendencies because it could harm the dog or other people.