It is known that horses are able to help kids with ASD through therapy, such as being able to "groom, pet the horses (tactic stimulation) and ride with assistance." (Nosack) These tactics can lead to many benefits for the kids. For instance, in the same interview conducted with Nosack, she states that "One of my first autistic students was around 9 yrs old. He came every week, once a week for an hour to ride. We kept in contact with students, teachers from school, PT, and Dr.s. After the end of a 7wk sessions, the boy’s math teacher reported he was making huge improvements in his math skills. His parents, reported he was having longer periods of being focused at home." This instance shows that therapy with horses can help kids with their focus and education skills in some instances. However, it is not advised for kids with ASD to undergo horse therapy if they are fearful or are unpredictable without supervision.