I was exposed to a lot of technology as a child. When I was younger, I did not speak at all (a sign of ASD), but I used the family PC to read and educate myself. Even though I did not interact with others in reality, the PC games I played as a child was a big contributor to helping me control my ASD because they allowed me to communicate with others without fear. One of the PC games that helped me was a Winnie the Pooh game. Though I vaguely remember the contents of the game, my parents told me that the game allowed me to read to the monitor, an inorganic system. This game led to my parents eventually discovering that I had ASD.

Another aspect of me is that I had a fascination with roller coasters. This fascination made me a bit detached from society because most people do not share the same fascination that I had. To satsify my interests, I started to play Roller Coaster Tycoon on the computer. In this game, I was able to build, design, and manage my own amusement parks, along with completing various scenarios in the campaign mode. I was attached to this game and would always interact with it. This game had helped my ASD because I was able to express my interests in a virtual environment that was unable to criticize or judge me for my actions.